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Still going mild!! but I wanted to express few things I have seen today!!
Today was the ” Earth Day Network” La ville de Rabat, qui a été désignée comme « Ville Première » par l’organisation américaine « Earth Day Network » pour abriter les célébrations du 40ème anniversaire de la Journée de la Terre….
one of the event was a semi Marathon ” International semi-marathon de Rabat” not bad idea but the question is are we organized enough to manage these kind of events and specially using the word International to make it more credible or what ever they had in mind…I know you would like to find out more about it!! well just buckle up and ride with me, because as proud as I can be my nephew is a one of the runners, and I want to take this opportunity to tell him that I am very proud of him twice, 1- for being able to run in this semi-marathon and 2- for doing in some very shady conditions.

On the way to the Medina which is quiet far from where I live, my sisters and I saw these 2 guys chopping a tree from it’s roots, it was a very beautiful old short palm tree….  that poor tree is definitely not celebrating the Earth Day Network with us, someone had other plans for it, who knows probably ending up in public wooden hammam or probably in a corner of the street until it decomposes.

Still driving to the marathon! we realized that contestants are running between cars, WAIT!!! they didn’t make a special path where runners can pass safely? no they are actually running between buses cab driver and all the diesels…awful feeling cause we were among those cars and sometimes runners had to stop and wait for a red light then they could go on to get to the end…WOW

Stopping at the red light one runner was out of breath but at least he was trying to finish the race, he asked one of those responsible deployed everywhere for some water?! SORRY screamed the staff guy, no more water, the poor guy had around 10K to go….No comment or maybe someone has something to say about this madness.

When we got there, I tried to find a good spot so I can take good shots of my nephew finishing the race, while I was walking around, “THE HERO” (someone I don’t know) waved at me, I looked at this guy all in sweat on the ground, out of breath and was making signs with his hand pointing at my camera, I smiled and asked him ” are you asking me to take a photo of you” he said “yes”, he probably thought I was with the press and was very impressed with my professional Nikon, I was more than happy to do so BUT how I am going to get him the photos.

Me: yeah! sure I can take a picture of you.
Hero: thank you so much
Me: but how am I suppose to give them to you?
The hero was confused and didn’t understand, and he said: what do you mean?
Me: through the internet?
Hero: what do you mean?
Me: Internet, I can send it to you through email!
Hero: and what’s that?
Me: You don’t have an email address?
Hero: No
I knew at that moment that he is never going to see these pictures, so I told him “if you know anyone here, a friend or family who has an email I will be around for a while” I didn’t have a pen to give him mine and I am totally sure he wouldn’t have remembered it or my phone number, what follows will give you a hint of why I gave up, in the other hand I had to be ready for my nephew’s glorify arrival, GO NEPHEW!!!!

Lets go back to our Hero, why I called him my hero because he had made a good timing and what choked me and surprised me was his running shoes, I wouldn’t call them running shoes but maybe cheap/plastic surfing shoes!!Maybe!!  you can buy those shoes for….wait I am sorry I cant call them shoes anymore because they are just not, they are just fucking plastic or rubber something that you wear when you go to the beach and imagine running 21Km with that….our Hero thought of everything: SOCKS, white socks will keep his feet safe. I am proud of that guy too, despite poverty, bad organization, water issues and pollution issues he did it and with what? with two pieces of rubber/plastic. The Hero’s message to everyone is “no matter what the difficulties and obstacles in life that stops you from doing what you want it doesn’t matter how and with what you do it but JUST DO IT”, and he doesn’t need NIKE to make a point. BRAVO Hero!!!

I had to blur his face for copyright, people sue this time! so no he is not toothless it’s just that his dentist’s name is photoshop, but still he is a OUR HERO….


Hello world!

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Hi everyone!!!

Well, it’s always hard to start something but once it flows the rest comes as smooth as a face shave “chez  Ismaili” (will tell you about him another time).

First things first, why this blog..?…why not
What is the purpose of it? the blog’s name will give you a hint. Yes it’s about Morocco, Maroc, Maghreb (remark the caps!!! hope I will keep using it every time i refer to my first country along this blog, it depends!!!
Why is it in English? well not necessary, you are free to discuss/curse in any language you want, i picked English because it’s a flexible language and more important it’s the right language for the coming sarcasm that will be posted in here.

OK! Ok! what are we discussing here??
As  simple as it can be: WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO MOROCCO???
Please help me to understand!, I am very confused.

So much to say, I don’t even know with what to start!!!
The most recent thing is my, dad is very ill and I volunteered to go pay his bills oh!! let me say a little bit more about myself so that we are on the same page then i will go back to the bills. I left Morocco in Dec 1998 direction the “American Dream” Sight!!! regularly come visit my family, lets stick with this for now…go back to bills: I had to put my clothes on not that I was naked or anything but just because I have to drive somewhere to pay my bills, dad was trying to show me how to get into a place where I spent almost 27 years of my life, but it’s true that so many things has changes in here, anyways, bills to pay were Internet and Electricity that makes it two places to go to.

So I found a place to park, I am usually very lucky with parking so I am not going to complain about that (for now until we travel together to Casa) I headed to the Itissalat Elmaghreb – I call them (les 40 voleurs) – agency offices where people sign up for new phone plans. Great!! they have a new system! now you need to get a number/ticket so that they can serve you, awesome! no more broken lines if you know what I mean, ehh having hard time figuring out the ticket machine, looks like an ATM…anyways one very nice lady came toward me and told me “there get mine cause I have to leave” that was nice of her or WAIT… the number I have in my hand is 78 the number that are being processed are 79-80-83 ???? four other counters were empty (someone didn’t show up to work today) PANIC what Am I going to do!? go get another ticket or wait and see what happened, as a Moroccan I opted for the second one, 10, 15, 30 minutes later the guy at the counter called me up not by my number, I think he felt pity for me, I was the chosen one, yeah I was about to finish with the first bill. Sorry, we don’t accept payments here you need to go to another location it’s JUST around the corner and DOWN the street….should I drive or just walk? I never said that I am lucky with parking ALL the time so I think walking will do me some good. Finally arrived got my ticket and sat in this big room, around me 12 people waiting, not very happy faces…they were 3 desks and 2 guys, one guy was calling people very fast and was doing a good job and processing the clients very fast the other one was like….let’s just say when the serious guy was processing 4 the other one was doing one, anyways the bill is paid now I have to head to pay the other bill and to be honest I got there got my number, same as before, around 10 people or so before me it didn’t take too long, to be honest, it just took HALF FUCKING DAY to pay two bills……

All what I have to say is: looking at the income les 40 voleurs are making every year and they can’t even afford to provide a service where you can pay your bill AT LEAST OVER THE FUCKING PHONE we are in serious trouble!!  (maybe they do and I don’t know about it and if it does I wonder how much money they charge you for that)

This is NOTHING comparing to what’s coming next, so many thoughts of strange experiences happened to me in here, don’t get me wrong, the purpose of this blog is just to understand, not being arrested!!! because I promess you we are going to go deeper than this, I love Morocco as a historical land, cultural and some religious aspects, so many things I love about this land but I have a big problem with many primates living in it and changing it into bladhoum instead of bladna.