What is it?

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What is it that makes me feel like a minority in my own country? Should I blame my parents for the education they have given me? Or should I leave again so I can be part of a minority somewhere else? How did we get to this?

I know for a fact that Korea at the time we got our independence was as far behind as we were if it wasn’t worse! Look at them them now and how far they got!? Same human being! yes different cultures and way of life but aren’t we all trying to make something better out of our country?! Why do others are trying and succeeded to work their country in their best interest except us? What is it? Should we blame one person? Or should we blame ourselves?

Why do I see everyday someone peeing on a tree, on a wall or just up on the air in front of everyone?

Why do I see everyday someone running the red light? Why when I am waiting for my turn at any cashier the person who supposed to be behind me is standing next to me and is waiting for the first glim of inattention to break the chain and go first? Why do people disrespect each other as if they were enemies? What would it take to change all this? How long would it take? Aren’t people aware of all this? You think they are aware? I don’t think they are! Why! I will tell you why….and hopefully you get my point: “Because when someone is sitting on a toilet he doesn’t smell his own shit” you can try this at home, it’s totally safe.

It’s very unfortunate………