Piss and Love

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It took me an entire year to get to today’s post….OK let me explain myself!! One year ago I went to Mawazine it was the last day of the event, Sting was performing! how in the hell would miss that, so I decided to go with a very good company (My sister, her husband, two of their kids and two other nephews) so watching Sting Live with family can’t get any better than that. it was a blast or at least what I have expected.

And what made it even better! it was a free concert…second thought I am not sure if it’s a good thing when you realize who is standing next to you, specialy when it’s 7 dudes mid-30’s 40’s drinking alcohool and smoking 420!! and yes you can google it, that’s what I did whe I heard that expression the first time.

Back to our drunk Sting fans, we start to feel uncofortable around these guys and we made the mistake to not move away from them, assuming that we are not the ones doing something wrong, specially that there was other families there….

Next thing I know my sister grabbed me and told me “get out of there” as I was creating some kind a shield protecting my nephews from those bastards, my sister whispered into my ears that one of them got his penis out in between of the thousands of people and start peeing, so I was one of the “Lucky” ones who got few drops on his shoes….

I was traumatised, I couldnt pick a fight I had 4 kids and my sister with me, I was very upset and went to look for a “cop” you know the guy that is supposed to protect any moroccan citizen (notice the small cap); after telling him the issue he was choked and paged his boss (COMISSAIRE) the guy came to me and after hearing the story and asking him to do something about it as the 7 mercenaries drinking alcohool and peeing in public, the “comissaire” told me “go fuck yourself” and left………that’s it there is nothing else I can add. This story ends right here and I called it “PISS and LOVE”

I am glad I let it out of my chest…


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