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In “Casa” visiting my sister her husband and nephews, it’s always a blast to see them and they are always excited to see me as well, the week is over I decided to take my nephews for a little treat specially that one of them had a little craving for McDonald, have no problem with that as long as I don’t get any for myself….
Anyways, as I said before, I was very lucky with parking, walked into the fast food then some kind of argue was happening, OK from what I understood a couple was sitting in a booth and their boy who was around 5 hit another little girl probably the same age, so the girls mom went to complain about a 5 year old boy, so the Mc manager was trying to calm the woman down, walked by them then I stood by the line waiting for my turn to order food and heard the boy’s dad with a different version of the story which is: the lady walked to him and told him “watch your kids he hit my girl and you should educate him better” and he also said “that’s just kids and they don’t understand and please don’t talk to me like that.”

5 minutes later I thought everything went back to normal, but the mom’s girl came back to the charge with more sarcastic comments with her sister by her side and the boys dad was unhappy and start cursing next thing you know the boy’s mom grabbed her french fries and threw them on the ladies’s face, ohhhh man, then the girls mom’s mother came to intervene and it was a sad sight to watch, fries and hands and kicking with legs, it was a Rotana cat fight (Rotana is referred to “religious woman” wearing a veil) the man didn’t hit anyone and I respect him for that, but what he tried to do is to call the cops cause he was very harassed by the little girls family (hope you are following with me) so what stroke me most is this, while the guy was trying to call the cops the little girl’s mom was telling him “go ahead asshole call the cops you can get anything from me “ I have a french citizenship” …..WTF is that suppose to mean, can you imagine if any Moroccan with dual citizenship is allowed to pick a fight specially like this one over silliness and get away with it because of his other citizenship, what’s citizenship has to do with all this?! unfortunately this is one of our mentalities, this is a real case of when things go wrong because to me it was really not necessary, a 5 year old kid start a nasty fight that ended up with a cup of coke all over this poor guy just standing at the wrong place at wrong time in McFight. What a shame….

After seeing this sad sight I rather be in a McDonald on 17th street in DC even if it’s infected with homeless at least they don’t throw food and drinks at you!

I gotta start carrying my camera with me!!!


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