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This post will be very short.

I just want to let everyone know that when you get internet access/Plan, you are not getting everything…les 40 voleurs (IAM) are introducing us to capitalism and monopolization, they have decided to block few ports so that you wouldn’t use voip phone calls, so those who work very hard over seas and use something like the MgicJack to call their family from there, Maroc telecom is telling you fuck you and fuck your family, you have decided to leave the country so be it and deal with it…..

The other thing is why is Morocco one of the very few countries that have the most expensive rate when it come phone calls? and the answer is in how we do business with each other, so just look at la RAM and you will understand.

Which reminds me about something I witnessed while flying RAM (long time ago because I don’t do that anymore), anyways I was sitting in those first two seats in coach section, it was an aisle seat and the curten that separates us from first class was slightly open  and there was no one in the first class except one of the staff was sitting in there taking a break or something and I was just looking around assuming that it was a long flight and you got to entertain yourself anyways, so that crew person was a male around mid 50’s and surprisingly he was doing some gold digging ( checking his nose for a Christmas gift) and he looked like he got a big one in there, fought very deep to get it, and yes he did, the prize was on one of his finger, I knew he was going to check if some one caught him in action….I closed my eyes just enough so that I reopen it and see what is he going to do with his Christmas gift and as I am typing that thing is under one of the first class seats, it’s like you have witnessed it yourself and I was shocked!!! paying many thousand dollars to sit on someone’s………..

It was not a short post after all! until next time.


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