Stories? Real or just a fact!?

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You hear stories here and there but you don’t know if they are real, fact or just stories….but when it comes from a credible source like real witnesses who could be a sister, mother or a friend then all what you can do is to just sit back and be amazed, and of course like what I have been hearing lately ” don’t try to understand my friend!!”

Sitting in a Women’s beauty salon waiting for my both sister’s manicures….(don’t ask me how I ended up in there!!!) Anyways it was there where I heard the story of now car mugger uses mice to make you get out of your car. As every Moroccan woman knows, once they get into their car it becomes their cell and the woman becomes a prisoner except that in this cell she is the one who lock herself in, why ? well because (specially in Casa) some primates decide to attack/mugg (al jinns ellatif) and take their cellphone, purse anything that can be sold so that they can what ever buy drogs/alcohool, I don’t know, who knows!

Ok here is how it goes, after few or let me say many muggings by opening your car door and grabbing whatever they can, women decided to lock themselves in their cell with wheels, and that made our robbers very unhappy so to strike back they have this brilliant idea of using one of their animal friends, so now we have primates chasing mice so that they can rob women!!! wow how low that can be….

Few years ago I was driving my dad’s car, stopped at the red light around noon in front of Lycee Moulay Youssef in Rabat, the traffic was crazy, and suddenly this kid (18-19 year old) open the passenger’s seat door and looked at me and said ” what time is it” I looked at him and said ” have no idea” and he closed the door and left running, didn’t take anything!? was it a diversion for someone else to make a move but no! nothing happened so I am not sure why no move was made, I am glad nothing happened but maybe he got scared, sometimes i don’t shave and likely look like a serial killer myself, maybe that was the case that day….

Go back to the Women’s beauty salon, one lady was telling the story of how she was locked in her moving cell and had the window slithly open and she made the mistake to stop at the red light, the guy managed to stick his both hands with a knife on her troath, didn’t hurt her though but scared the shit out of her, who is the winner in this?? she maybe lost all her personal belongings but at least she is still alive and at the beauty salon having a pedicure.

So ladies, when you get into your moving cell, stick with you air conditioner if you want a little breeze, assuming that summer time is around the corner, make sure your AC is working as well as your windows cause you want to make sure that it goes all the way up.

My point is not making Morocco look bad, I noticed that it’s getting bad everywhere, you could be shot a 100 yards from the white house, or in the safest neighborhood in DC, the thing is that it probably hurts more when these things happen in your country! maybe you can accept it when it happens somewhere else but when you you see your sister getting mugged by …….. it just hurts, the scariest part is what follows.

My sister walking out of bakery, she noticed this guys running toward her with two huge knives chased by a cop on his motorcycle, my sister run to her cell (car) and condemned herself to be locked until danger goes away, by the time she decided to get out of the parking spot the cop walked back his entire face in blood and crying…….
I know!!! No comment….

Wait it’s not over yet: few months later my sister was pulled over by a cop maybe for speeding I guess, and one conversation led to another and she told him about what she witnessed and the cop told her “ you know that cop! he had to spend some money from his own pocked to finish his treatment” from a job injury while trying to protect us, then the cop followed with, “hell no! I am not stopping any guy with a knife!!!”

Sleep tight everyone!!!! You are safe!!


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